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Book- A Mother's Struggle

Why did the Itsy Bitsy Spider continue to go up the spout? In this story you learn about the love and determination of a single parent.


Book- Bare Bear

Why Fuzzy Wuzzy had no hair. You will fall in love with Fuzzy as he fights through his illness.


Book- My Son John

This book tells about a child who is trying to get along in this world, in spite of his difficulties. John is like so many others who just want to be loved and accepted for who they are.


Book-Helping Ms. Dumpty

When Humpty takes a fall, Ms. Dumpty falls apart. This story deals with the loss of a loved one and finding the will to go on.


Book-My Everlasting Love

Something is wrong with my little Hen. This story shows how strong true love and commitment are while dealing with the challenge of Alzheimer's.


Book-Spider Is A Bully

What frightened Miss Muffet away? This book is about the cause and effect of bullying.


Journey with Intimacy


Journey with Trust

This amazing book shows you how to reach your financial and career goals. It is a must read for anyone drowning in debt.


Peaceful Prayer Time