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Debt Reduction Seminars

As part of his law practice and ministry outreach, Steven Zachary conducts amazing debt reduction seminars through churches and community organizations that have been described as life changing events by those in attendance. 

The goal of his seminars is simple, to provide each person in attendance with peace of mind regarding their own financial status that occurs through learning how to relieve their financial hardships. 

You can listen to the inteverview that Steven Zachary had with KDFR radio on this topic.
At Journey316 Books, we know that the needs of our customers may extend beyond the purchasing our material. To partner with you in your life Journey, Journey316 Books provides a number of services to meet your needs.

Our services including:
Motivational Speaker/Guest Pastor

Rev. Steven W. Zachary being an attorney and minister is a skilled orator and a forcefully persuasive writer. Often invited to speak, Steven uses his skills in oral advocacy to bring his motivational message or Biblical principles in a dynamic way.

Bring your life, Biblical or spiritual message alive with a Mural painted by Marla Jo. She has displayed her customized work in a churches, as well as individual homes. The transforming effect of having your message shown on your building or wall is amazing.

Weddings/Renewal of Vows

In the Phoenix, Arizona area there are many majestic sites for renewing vows or having wedding ceremonies. Reverend Zachary is available and would be honored to assist you by officiating at this ceremony.

Design and marketing Services

Are you interested in writing, publishing and marketing your book or other artistic material? Journey316 Books can help you with writing coaching, editing, book and music cover design, video and audio commercials and other marketing techniques to promote your work.
Individual/Personalized Art Piece

For that one of lifetime moment, you may want to capture it in an original work of art. Marla Jo can do just that. Contact us to talk about purchasing an original Marla Jo or visit her at MarlaJo.com.

Interveiw with Steven Zachary and KDFR radio